Who We Are

Handmade & Design Kingdom, December 30th, 2013

Who we are

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for visiting our website. We don’t want to bore you with too many details when you can be enjoying the gorgeous finds you’re sure to encounter on Handmade & Design Kingdom! However, here are a few details/questions you might find helpful during your search and buying process.

Who is Handmadekingdom.com?

Handmade & Design Kingdom is a small yet young and dynamic company based in London. All of our staff has extensive experience in the online sales area with some having previously worked in the field of interior design. Together we are working to bring to the market the very best in originally sourced products, including fine art, jewelry, glassware and much more.

What kind of products can customers expect on Handmadekingdom.com?

We strive to offer our customers luxurious and unique products you’d struggle to find anywhere else. Simply put: products with style, distinctiveness and imagination. In today's world it’s easy to lack individuality. We'd like this shop to represent, at least in a small way, the exception to that rule.

Items on the website are beautiful, but also a bit pricier than elsewhere. Why?

While it is possible to find cheaper porcelain, wallpaper, or jewelry elsewhere, it usually means it has been mass-produced. The products within our eshop are expertly sourced for their uniqueness, originality and the many hours patiently spent by a handmade manufacturer. Here you are not only buying a vase, but an original item with its own story and soul. A concept we strongly feel is worth a little bit extra.

Who are the main suppliers for Handmadekingdom.com?

The major trading partners of Handmade & Design Kingdom are primarily made up of two groups of suppliers.

The first are producers with a long and rich history of manufacturing, often seen over the course of many decades. These are mainly the producers who supply us with our crystal, glass and art porcelain pieces.

The second group of suppliers is comprised of young, unique and vibrant designers. We love working with individuals who have a distinct and imaginative view of the world and its creations. These artists create porcelain, glass, tiles, wallpaper, lamps, jewelry and many other design elements.

From which countries are the products on Handmadekingdom.com sourced?

Our market interest is international, meaning we are constantly scouring the globe for fresh and exciting finds. At present, the majority of our suppliers are from Central Europe. Products sourced from France, Germany and Italy will be added in the very near future. But we are always on the lookout for new and innovative design partners, especially here in the UK.

The products offered on Handmadekingdom.com show various and sometimes long delivery times. Why is this?

Unfortunately, this is a small consequence of buying a custom made item. Most of our partners offer each of their products in a variety of sizes and decors, allowing you the opportunity to really customise your purchase. This makes it somewhat difficult to continually stock every option. But we’re confident that the benefits of a custom made piece far outweigh the slightly longer delivery time.