Custom Fit- In the Know, January 15th, 2014


Custom Fitting: Never Change a Swing to Suit a Club, Change a Club to Suit a Swing

Regardless of your age or ability, every golfer can benefit from the absolute advantages of a custom fitting. Having your golf clubs and even your golf balls fine tuned to your own swing can help you to gain more distance, strike the ball more consistently and aid in making your bad shots not quite as bad as before. Giving you the opportunity to walk off the course with an amazing sense of achievement and a lower score.

Not all clubs are created equal, but even more dramatic are the way in which an individual player uses them.

The best factory engineered clubs cannot take into account the unique nuances of your swing. Every club has a little more ‘to give’ a player, and this optimisation is known as ‘Custom Fitting’.

Essentially, this process involves observing how you hit with your current clubs. Based on any detected restrictions we then adjust aspects of the physical club in order to build equipment that’s tailored to your swing, technique and physical limitations. This ensures you’re playing with the correct shaft, shaft flex, type of head, lie, loft, grip and grip thickness. Offering players more consistent shots that are straighter and longer.

In almost all cases, the results are immediate and dramatic. With the technology that supports custom fitting revealing game-changing improvements to both your play and overall score.

Having the right perception.

Many people assume that by getting custom fitted they will automatically begin to hit the ball a lot further. The real benefits of a custom fit are to help you become more accurate. In turn you will begin to see a distance gain because you are striking the ball better.

It’s important to understand that Custom Fitting will make no difference to your good shots but will make a huge difference to your bad shots. With the correctly fitted golf equipment your previous troublesome shots will be closer to the target in terms of both distance and accuracy.